“One of the longest running spring training crit series in North America, smooth & fast with all categories!”

Early in the 90’s there were limited options to race in NE Kansas so we decided to build a local training criterium series. That was 1994 and the Fling is still going strong. Several US National Champions have cut their crit teeth on Campground #1. The stiff winds of Clinton Lake make for some of the hardest flatland racing around. With the generous categories it’s also perfect for your first race ever. The Fling is a points race and is scored as a series so be sure to read your rule book and the race flyer.

Starting the last Saturday in February and running the next 4 Saturday’s into March. This race is rain or shine and you can expect some great 60 degree days and some chilly ones. Remember, you don’t race because it’s easy.

  • All races categories offered
  • Free junior racing in junior race
  • Free women’s Cat 5 race for your first Fling ever

From the friendly fast registration to the fast course with cool corners and chicane’s I really loved the course!



  • Scott Ethington

    Do you have a 2018 Flyer?

    February 11, 2018 4 years ago


  • Steve

    I love that no one produces a route map for anything!! You act like the route doesn’t matter when it does.

    March 20, 2018 4 years ago



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